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Ahmedabad Hospital Focused on Medical Tourism (A Case of Svayambhu Hospital)

As the Indian economic system grows in addition and diversifies, new financial sectors are being earmarked for development. One place which offers tremendous ability for improvement is the health sector for the reason that it's far important to society.

Medical tourism enables foreigners to visit a country for specialized treatment, and experience the destination as part of the package. Svayambhu Hospital draws medical tourists with world class medical infrastructure & English speaking medical staff. We have professional team of Medical Travel Specialists, poised to serve medical and wellness tourists seeking healthcare in Ahmedabad. Our expert team is capable of delivering the best care and help to medical tourists from round the world, in a big selection of necessities from surgery, alternative treatment, wellness retreats or coordinative travel plans to designing associate in nursing gratifying vacation.

Why Svayambhu Hospital in Ahmedabad for Medical Tourism?

  1. Ahmedabad international airport is considered one of the best airport in India and subcontinent.  It is served by all major domestic and international airlines and connect all major cities around the globe.

  2. We have safe, effective and personalized medical care programme for our international patients.

  3.  Best quality medical expertise and care, no waiting lines and affordable in price as compare to other hospitals.

  4. Our Hospital is located in peaceful and traffic free location that is best place to enhance convalescence.

Our service will not only reduce the cost of the treatment as compared to other major developed countries, but also cutoff the long wait times for certain health checkup procedures. And our sightseeing tour plans permit you to discover this lovable paradise of Gujarat within quick time period even as you are convalescing.

  • 2016-05-07